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Global Investigations & Security Consulting (G.I.S.) is a full service private investigations firm founded in Scottsdale, Arizona 22 years ago by retired Police Chief, Bob Arthur.


For the past 22 years, G.I.S., has led the private investigations industry in developing new and innovative ways to solve age old problems. From our introduction of the fingerprint based background investigation for use by the general public to our state of the art under cover and intelligence gathering methods, G.I.S. is a true industry leader.


G.I.S. founder, Bob Arthur’s career spans 47 years. During his law enforcement career, Bob spent the vast majority of his time with the Scottsdale, Arizona Police Department in various investigative and management capacities, including the investigation of violent crimes such as assault, robbery, homicide, and hostage negotiation. As a Detective Lieutenant he commanded the Special Enforcement Unit and was responsible for undercover operations involving organized crime and drug enforcement. He also served as an Assistant District Commander, and manager of a crisis intervention unit composed of civilians who dealt with family crisis situations.


Mr. Arthur's vast law enforcement experience offers our clients unsurpassed criminal investigation experience. Whether it's criminal defense, protecting crime victims or solving cases where law enforcement efforts fall short.


In addition to criminal investigations, we provide a wide range of services; Specializing in Fingerprinting, Background investigations, Judgement and Asset Recovery, Domestic Relations, and Electronic Countermeasures (De-bugging).


We have been providing fingerprinting services to valley residents since 1989. Our primary technician has taken over 320,000 sets of legible fingerprints. In addition to fingerprinting at our Scottsdale office, we offer mobile fingerprinting 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our fingerprints are 100% guaranteed. In addition to fingerprinting for all Arizona applications,  we also provide fingerprinting for out of state licensing requirements.

We have the required fingerprint cards and clearance card packets for the following applications:

AZ Fingerprinting Level One Clearance Card

AZ Fingerprinting Teachers  (IVP Clearance Card)

AZ Fingerprinting CCW Permits

AZ Fingerprinting Insurance Licensing

AZ Fingerprinting Real Estate Licensing

AZ Fingerprinting Health Care Certification

AZ Fingerprinting State board of Nursing Licensing

AZ Fingerprinting Liquor License

AZ Fingerprinting Securities Licensing

AZ Fingerprinting Appraiser Licensing

AZ Fingerprinting Home Inspection Licensing

AZ Fingerprinting CNA Certification

AZ Fingerprinting Massage Therapy Licensing

AZ Fingerprinting DPS (Department of Public Safety Applicants)

AZ Fingerprinting for Adoption

AZ Fingerprinting Child Care



Our Mobile Fingerprinting covers the following areas:

Scottsdale / Phoenix / Mesa / Tempe / Cave Creek / Carefree / Glendale / Peoria / Awatukee / Chandler / Apache Junction / Fountain Hills / Gilbert / Queen Creek / Tucson / Prescott / Surprise / Avondale / Paradise Valley / Buckeye


Judgment Recovery

Our latest development, the “Employment Identifier”, is a critical aspect of our judgment recovery process. This development utilizes new proprietary procedures and information systems never before offered in the field of judgment recovery. We have combined over 80 years of investigative experience with computer, collection, and recovery experts to become the 'one stop shop' for judgment recovery. We handle everything, from locating a defendant and identifying their assets, to locating and verifying current employment information for the purpose of wage garnishments. We understand that securing a judgement against someone is often the easy part "Judgment Recovery", (actually being paid) is another story. Our judgment recovery process has been successful on thousands of judgments. If you have a judgment and can't get paid, call us immediately for a free case review.

Background Checks

Locate Missing Persons

Asset Searches


Domestic Relations

Electronic counter measures (De-Bugging)